TORRO - A village more than just a swamp

You'll find the village of Torro on the sunny side of Torronsuo National Park. The small but active Torro is home to about 120 permanent residents, as well as a lot of cottagers, in a valuable cultural setting.

Come experience Torro:

  • The atmosphere of the Torronsuo National Park and the village road.

  • Skiing in freezing night's moonlight or to the skiing café. More than 20 km ski track network is operated by Torro Society with voluntary work

  • A summer theatre with live music in the farm yard district, where villagers perform plays written by Turkka Mali.

  • Spiritual masses and concerts in the atmospheric chapel. The historic belltower rings communion bells. You can also rent a chapel for weddings or christening.

  • Hunting Society Orava's fishing competition in Lake Haiponjärvi in June.

Welcome to Torro!