Fishing is fun and fish-rich waters of Hämeenlinna create the conditions for successful fishing experiences. Vanaja waterway is one of the best zander waters. In addition there are plenty of pike and perch.

Catches vary according to the season from small perch to stately pikes and delicious zanders. Usually the catch consists of perch and 1-2 kilos pikes and zanders. Yet it is not unusual to get multi-kilo pikes and zanders. It does not matter, if you are fishing for the first time or the fifth year. After a fruitful (or fishful) day you will know more about fishing and the fish. The fishing guidance is carried out by the service-minded professionals. During the day fishing it is guaranteed that you will be withdrawn from the hectic everyday life and work. Invest in yourself, your customers, employees or your hobby and book your trip today!