Iltamat Iittalassa

Iltamat Iittalassa are organising the storytelling and themed concerts with quality and warmth. The exciting theme days bring together the warming workshop and the excellent dining to the breath-taking experience. The evening culminates in the cozy atmospheric storytelling music soirée that takes you to the musical journey.

We like to experiment a variety of different instruments along with our own usual ones.

We have music learners performing with us. So we hope you are not afraid of some musical imperfections. Hope you come and enjoy!

Iltamat Iittalassa are developing a suitable concept for cozy and unique events for groups such as work teams and travel groups. Please ask more by filling in the contact form on our website.

We appreciate all feedback from the events and in general. Welcome to Iittala Village!

Information available in English and Japanese. Do not hesitate to call and ask more.

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Get a gift! Please watch the video and in the end of the video you´ll hear how to get a gift - song for you to sing.

The storytelling and themed concerts with quality and warmth - Iltamat Iittalassa