Evo Hiking Area

Evo hiking are is a state owned hiking area. It is located on the Tuulos-Padasjoki main road in Hämeenlinna. There is forest about 4,500 hectares with small lakes and ponds. There are about 70 kilometers of marked hiking trails in the area. Some of the trails are themed and easy-to-walk nature trails. There is also a forest skill track, where you can learn about forest estimation and try your skills at it.

The lakes and forest ponds of the Evo area are rich in different species of fish. Excellent fishing waters attract fishermen of all ages. The nature of Evo is diverse, with beavers, flying squirrels and even lynx living in the area. The main forest types are fresh and dry heath forest. The most common wood species in the area is pine.

Evo has many campfire sites, cooking shelters and lean-to shelters. In addition to the free camping areas, the Evo Hiking Area offers many cottages for rent. HAMK university of applied sciences has a forestry degree program in Evo Campus.