Loppi Wilderness Villa

LOPPI WILDERNESS VILLA is a multifunctional and truly unique octagonal log house with all of its 130 m2 renovated for modern comforts as well as year-round use! Hidden in the woods, far away from urban distractions, and yet close to population centre. Loppi Wilderness Villa is located at the end of a barrier-closed private road to ensure Peace & Privacy for our customers. There is also a mini villa and an outdoor sauna as a cherry-on-top!

The air-conditioned 130 m2 facilities offer a dining and meeting room for 20 persons and 15 bed places in 3–4 bedrooms. An alternative for staying, meetings, family parties, vacations, camping, fishing trips, paddling, snowshoeing, sauna evenings and many other activities!


Enjoy all the comforts in the middle of a forest including: flush toilets, air conditioning, handmade timber beds, modern kitchen, electric indoor sauna, wood-burning outdoor sauna. Relax in the hot tubs on the spacious 100 m2 terrace or in front of a sheltered campfire. The lake and the dock are only 150 meters away and equipped with rowing boats and canoes for fishing or leisure rowing and paddling. To enjoy the wilderness, you don’t have to cut on online services either. Loppi Wilderness Villa is equipped with 4G-internet and even three 40–50” flat screens to easily connect your devices to.

At Loppi Wilderness Villa it’s possible to have 15 persons enjoying the sauna at the same time. For example, you can have the ladies in one sauna and the gents in the other. It’s all up to you. Both saunas also have direct access to the terrace and the hot tubs relaxing warmth. The terrace is located away from prying eyes between the main building and the mini villa and has table groups for 20 persons to enjoy their morning coffee and evening beer.

DINING AND MEETING ROOM: The 45 m2 room with a ceiling 3 meters high gives plenty of space to breathe even for groups of 20. There is a 4G-internet access and two 50” flat screens that can be used either for watching TV or as a presentation screens. The dining room is connected to the terrace and the forest garden in which both the sauna and hot tubs reside. There is also a charcoal grill for barbecue.

ACCOMMODATION: The main villa has 10 bed places, the 3 bed chambers have a total of 8 bed places each and the dining/meeting room has 2 bed places on the convertible couch. The sauna cabin also has 4 bed places. In addition, the humble small shed outside has space for 2–4 persons to sleep in. All together there are 20 bed places with some extra mattresses. Blankets and pillows are included for the same amount as number of beds.

KITCHEN: Tableware for 20 persons, an electric stove and oven, a large fridge, a mini freezer (in front hallway), a dishwasher, a microwave, a Moccamaster, an electric kettle and a toaster.

SAUNA, SHOWERS AND BATHROOMS: The indoor sauna sits 6 to 8 persons at a time. The shower room and the dressing room has direct access to terrace and hot tubs. There is one toilet in the main building and another one in the sauna cabin.

MINI VILLA AND OUTDOOR SAUNA: A separate wood heated sauna, which takes up to 8 persons at the sauna benches. The dressing room has an u-shaped sofa set, which has room for 6–8 persons and 3+1 bed places. Therefore, the mini villa can also be used a separate bed room for up to 4 persons. There is also a 40” flat TV with HDMI connection, which enables small and cosy meetings. Even the mini villa has all modern comforts including air-conditioning, a shower, a bathroom and a kitchenette with a fridge. Have a sauna, enjoy sauna meals, sleep well and have a breakfast.

GRILLING SHELTER: A manly and hefty cast-iron charcoal grill (we kindly ask to bring own charcoals for it) under a semi-open shelter is ready for barbeque type outside cooking on the terrace. Oh, and all of this is right next to the main building and outdoor sauna.

HOT TUBS: 2 hot tubs are located on the terrace. One next to the outdoor sauna and one right beside the main building’s indoor sauna. Both are easily accessible with feet kept clean any time of year via the terrace.

FOREST GARDEN AND TERRACES: The 100 m2 terrace surrounded by a forest garden has cosy table sets for up to 20 persons. There is also a hefty cast-iron coal-heated grill.

HIKING TRAIL: Near the villa there is an outdoor route where you can take a small hike during low or non-snow season. A route mapcan be borrowed from the villa. The Poronpolku outdoor trail also runs right next to the villa.

FISHING, BOATING AND PADDLING: It is possible for our customers to rent 2 rowboats at lake Syvälahti, which is 150 meters away from the main building. Both boats are suitable for fishing and leisurely rowing about. Syvälahti is connected to lake Kaartjärvi which is also a great place for fishing, boating and paddling. See more info about Kaartjärvi. We also rent 2 of 3 manned canoes which makes paddling also available.

AVIATION: Our customers at Loppi Wilderness Villa have the opportunity go flying! The Räyskälä Aviation Center is 5 kilometres away where our partner Nordic Avia Ltd. takes our customers up in the sky stating at 60 €/person. Ask for further information while requesting an offer for the destination.

PRICING: Our price is tailored for the customer and the final price depends on group size, time frame and length of stay. Here are only some pricing examples. We reserve the right to change our pricing.

The price includes the multifunctional main building and the use of the indoor sauna. Additional services offer the use of the outdoor sauna, 1 or 2 hot tubs, outdoor fireplace and grilling shelter, the final clean-up, towels and sheets with the bed made or sheets as a stack. We will gladly rent boats and canoes, offer food services through our catering service, and have saunas and hot tubs heated on our customers arrival.

Ask for an offer for Loppi Wilderness Villa by filling the offer request www.peaceandprivacy.travel/offer-request/ or by contacting us via email info@peaceandprivacy.fi.