Tavastia Privacy

FAR AWAY FROM THE EVIL AND HECTIC WORLD? Well, not exactly far away, but neatly hidden. Multifunction villa Tavastia Privacy offers genuine Peace & Privacy on an old 2,5-hectare farm that has been renovated from the ground-up with respect for its location surrounded by the peace of nature deep in the woods. The facilities offer accommodations for groups from 5 to 18 persons, but for day-time events and parties even bigger groups can fit.

For summer daytime use, parties and meetings, the Tavastia Privacy is also suitable for larger groups. The old barn will later be renovated as a special event room for events of 20 to 75 people.

Multifunctional Tavastia Privacy offers a unique alternative for organizing meetings, family parties, vacations and camping. Enjoy all the comforts such as flush toilets, air-conditioning, comfy beds, a modern kitchen and two different saunas. And also relaxing hot tubs and a warm campfire in a robust barbeque shelter. Experience the atmosphere of the carefully renovated timber building true to its origin. Here you can sit back and relax while still sensing the old-times harsh worksite of a previous farm life!

Tavastia Privacy is located at the end of a private road. With no sign of neighbors unless you start counting trees as such. Tavastia Privacy still remains almost in the population center of Finland, in Hämeenlinna. 150 km from Helsinki, 90 km from Tampere.

Tavastia Privacy’s farm area has been habituated already since 18th century. Around 1940, the old farm atmosphere with buildings of that time started to develop. That old-times atmosphere has now been brought back to life, but at the same time modern comforts have been brought to the farm while still carefully respecting the original setting. Local lumberjacks and carpenters have shown their skills in decorations with the hefty use of rough wood. Hence, please do not expect trendy white walls with large and bright windows, Tavastia Privacy is dusky and cozy.

Come and experience the peace and silence of wilderness. Have meetings, fish, hike or just relax, feel refreshed or do nothing. Enjoy all the modern comforts that Tavastia Privacy has to offer next to Evo hiking area, in the middle of the forest, 900 meters from the shore of big lake Nerosjärvi in your own Peace & Privacy.

The 200 m2 renovated main house facilities include a dining/meeting room for up to 20 persons, around 15 bed places, 6–7 bedrooms, a dressing room, shower, an indoor sauna, 2 toilets and a fully timber made outdoor sauna as a cherry on top! Together Tavastia Privacy’s saunas offer space for up to 20 persons at the same time. In addition, our customers have almost 100 m2 of terrace in their use: the main building’s terrace has space for up 20 persons to sit and enjoy the evening outdoors and the outdoor sauna has another terrace for cooling off. Both saunas have direct access to hot tubs which comfortably fit 8 persons each.

THE MAIN HALL/CONFERENCE ROOM in the main building has space for 20 persons around a long table and a small bar counter in the same room and the couch groups at the ends of the table fit a few more persons. The space leads to a small gloomy cabinet that can be utilized for socializing or team working, but it also works well as a bedroom thanks to the convertible couches which work as bed places for 2-3 persons.

There is a fast and free Wi-Fi and two big (65” and 50”) flat-screen TV’s that can be used to watch TV or as presentation screens. The main hall has access to the terrace, the forest garden, the outdoor sauna, the barbeque shelter and 2 hot tubs. In addition to the campfire there is a sturdy coal-heated grill (we kindly ask to bring own charcoals for it). Grill when and wherever you want whether it’s summer or winter or day or night, you can even grill inside or outside!

ACCOMMODATION: There is a total of 18 bed places in 6-7 bedrooms. 3 bedrooms and 4-6 bed places on convertible couches are on the first floor. There are 3 bedrooms, a lobby and a bathroom on the second floor. Blankets and pillows are included for the same amount as number of beds. A few extra mattresses are also available allowing accommodation for more than 20 persons.

KITCHEN: Tableware for at least 25 persons, an electric stove and oven, a large fridge, a freezer, a dishwasher, a microwave, a Moccamaster, an electric kettle and a toaster.

We also gladly offer food services, but you are welcome to prepare your own food of course. Cooking is a great and fun way to spend time together!

INDOOR SAUNA, SHOWER AND BATHROOMS: The indoor sauna sits 6–8 persons, there are a shower and a direct access to the terrace to cool off in the breeze. The main building has 2 toilets, one upstairs and the other downstairs. The washing machine is also available for our customers.

OUTDOOR SAUNA AND DRESSING ROOM: There is a separate timber made idyllic outdoor sauna that sits 10 persons at a time.

HOT TUBS: One of the hot tubs is located on its own terrace right next to the outdoor sauna. The other hot tub is next to the main buildings terrace.

FOREST GARDEN, TERRACES AND BARBEQUE SHELTER: The main buildings terrace has table groups for 20 persons and the forest garden has a sturdy terrace for bigger feasts. The Barbeque shelter is located in the center of the forest garden between the main building’s terrace and the outdoor sauna.

HIKING TRAIL: Near the villa there is an outdoor route where you can take a small hike during low or non-snow season. A route map can be borrowed from the villa.

PRICING FOR TAVASTIA PRIVACY: Our price is tailored for the customer and the final price depends on group size, time frame and length of stay. Here are only some pricing examples. We reserve the right to change our pricing.

The price includes the 200 m2 multifunction villa and the use of the indoor sauna. Additional services offer the use of the outdoor sauna, 1 or 2 hot tubs, barbeque shelter, the final clean-up, towels and sheets with the bed made or sheets as a stack. We will gladly offer food services through our catering service.

Ask for an offer for Tavastia Privacy by filling the offer request www.peaceandprivacy.travel/offer-request/ or by contacting us via email info@peaceandprivacy.fi.