Evo Grand Villa

COME VISIT THE NATIONALLY FAMOUS Evo in Hämeenlinna and enjoy the Peace & Privacy of the nature. As a main building of Evo Peace area, Evo Grand Villa is 442 m2 unique multifunction villa just 145 kilometres away from Helsinki and 100 kilometres from Tampere. It is located right next to a forest pond in the middle of the atmospheric wilderness of Hämeenlinna’s national scenery. Peace & Privacy with all modern comforts. Your privacy is guaranteed not only by the location at the end of a private road, but also by the 7-hectare farm property! In addition to the Evo Grand Villa, you may wish to rent a whole Evo Peace complex consisting of three villas for only one group at a time, giving guests complete peace and privacy.

EVO PEACE’S HISTORY goes back to the 60’s when the government’s game-research facility was established in the area. Not only did they research but also breed animals. There is even a wolf corral in the yard! The buildings have been renovated and modernised regularly and now use an efficient and environmentally friendly geothermal heating. The buildings have been converted for vacation and meeting use in 2018. The Evo Center is just a walking distance away and offers diverse hiking trails near-by. The cherry on the top is Wilderness Barn, a log-made event and party room with true wilderness spirit!

EVEN THOUGH we gladly organize delicacies via our catering services for our customers Evo Grand Villa has great capabilities for independent cooking with up to 4 separate kitchens. The main building has 2 floors and the 2nd floor’s living area presents a gorgeous view on the peaceful pond Kaitalammi. A perfect place to relax while waiting for the brewing food in the open kitchen that is also located in the living area. The 1st floor has a second fully fledged kitchen with a direct access to the lakeside terrace. Both smaller villas also have their own kitchens, for cooking in good company is the best pastime! The main building’s lakeside terrace also offers a grill for barbeques. The traditional sauna offers a campfire on its lakeside terrace.

AS FOR SAUNAS in Evo Grand Villa, there are 2. The main building has a modern electric sauna facility on the 1st floor and just a stone’s throw away is an atmospheric traditional lakeside sauna that is wood-heated and with its own hot tub. Also, each sauna has the opportunity to dip into the cool pond or to the warmth of either of the two hot tubs. Ladies and gents, kids and grannies alike – relax in the sauna together or separately, any time of the year!

MAIN HALLS AND LOUNGE: The main building has a 50 m2upstairs main hall and an open kitchen on the 2nd floor that offers a dining and meeting area for approx. 30 persons. The hall has a 65” widescreen TV that can be used as a presentation screen and obviously for gaming as well! Our business customers also have a whiteboard in their use.

The entire Evo Peace area has a free high-speed wireless internet network, which includes not only villas, gardens and beach areas, but also the Wilderness Barn on the edge of the area. In addition to normal web surfing, the wi-fi also allows to organize meetings and seminars in the Evon Peace garden areas!

The lounge located next to the upstairs main hall on the 2nd floor and the downstairs main hall next to the sauna on the 1st floor, offer comfortable areas for business related work or casual socializing after a successful meeting or a tasty dinner. The downstairs main hall is also equipped with 65″ TV that can be connected to various devices. In addition, the couches of main halls and upstairs lounge work as extra bed places if needed.

KITCHENS: The main building has a fully-fledged open kitchen on each floor. There is tableware for at least 50 persons (more for extra fee), an electric stove and oven, a big fridge, a freezer, a dishwasher, a microwave, Moccamasters, electric kettles and toasters. The 1st floor kitchen is located right next to the sauna facility, so you can keep your refreshments cool and close when relaxing in the sauna! The 1st floor kitchen has a direct access to the terrace and grill also.

ACCOMMODATION: The main building has 15 bedrooms with a total of 35 bed places. Blankets and pillows are included for the same amount as number of beds. In addition, there is extra beds and mattresses for 10 persons. All in all, the main building has 45 bed places.

GROUND FLOOR: If the desired arrival time is less than 6 weeks away, the Evo Grand Villa ground floor can also be rented separately as Evo Lake Apartment. The ground floor is suitable for 5 to 20 guests. Downstairs there are some 210 square meters of guest rooms, including 7 bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen and a 65-inch flat-screen TV and a comfortable lounge area with sofa set. The ground floor rental also includes the use of sauna, washing and toilet facilities as described below.

SAUNA, SHOWER AND TOILET FACILITIES: Evo Grand Villa’s 50 m2 sauna facility offers relaxation around the year for up to 15 persons at a time. The large and uniquely decorated sauna is heated with the press of a button and has a direct access to hot tubs, barbeque shelter and dipping into the pond or glade from the dock – all via the terrace! One of the lounges is right next to the sauna facility for relaxing between and after sauna! The open kitchen enables the preparations of late-night snacks and drinks without disturbing the sleepers upstairs.

There are 4 showers in 2 bathrooms and one more shower in the sauna to rinse before jumping in the hot tubs. In addition, there is a shower in each of the bathrooms on the 2nd floor. The main building has 5 toilets.

LAKESIDE SAUNA: The red traditional and log-built sauna located next to the pond is for those sauna purists who value the Finnish sauna traditions! The wood-heated sauna has a direct access to its own dock for dipping in the pond to cool off. The main building is also only 20 meters away with its terrace and hot tubs. The lakeside sauna has its own hot tub, running water and a shower. There is a rough fireplace in backyard of the sauna for grilling sauna sausages.

HOT TUBS: 2 traditional wood-heated hot tubs are located on the main buildings terrace right next to the pond. So you can admire the beautiful pond and the mysterious forest scenery on the opposite shore. The terrace enables access to the hot tubs around the year with clean feet. The lakeside sauna also has its own hot tub.

BARBECUE AREAS: The barbecue area is located on the main terrace of the main building, next to the hot tubs and a separate barbecue hut between the main building and the lakeside sauna. In addition, there is also a movable charcoal grill (we kindly ask to bring barbecue charcoal by yourself).

FISHING, BOATING AND PADDLING: Evo Grand Villa is located approx. 20 meters from the pond Kaitalampi. The peaceful forest pond has no other buildings on its shores giving you a private opportunity to go rowing, paddling, SUP-boarding or trying your luck with fishing! In the winter the pond’s ice is perfect for ice fishing, cross-country skiing and ice skating. For a reasonable extra fee, we’ll gladly make a glade or a skating surface on the pond.

There is a combination of 3 lakes named Ylinen Rautjärvi, Ailinen Rautjärvi and Keskinen Rautjärvi which are close to Evo Peace. Just 400 meters away Lake Yilnen Rautjärvi offers 40 meters of private shoreline for our customers with usable rowboats. At the sandy beach you can stop for a swim or go fishing to entirety of three lakes.

PRICING: Our price is tailored for the customer and the final price depends on group size, time frame and length of stay. Here are only some pricing examples. We reserve the right to change our pricing.

The price includes the main building and the use of the sauna. Additional services offer the use of the hot tubs, Wilderness Barn, the final clean-up, towels and sheets with the beds made or sheets as a stack. We also rent boats and canoes, offer programme services and catering services as well as additional work services such as preheated saunas and hot tubs before our customers arrival.

ASK FOR AN OFFER: Ask for an offer for Evo Grand Villa by filling the form www.peaceandprivacy.travel/offer-request/ or by contacting us via email info@peaceandprivacy.fi.