Aulanko Privacy

FAR AWAY FROM THE HECTIC WORLD? Well, not far away at all, but is it hidden? Absolutely! Our newest destination Aulanko Privacy is located in its solemn solitude on a 100-hectare conservation area in Sibelius Forest on the shore of Lake Aulangonjärvi just a one-hour drive away from Finland’s large cities. Come and experience the peaceful stillness of the wilderness and have meetings, go fishing, or go hiking or camping in the nearby Aulangonjärvi Trail. There are no neighbours, granting Aulanko Privacy’s absolute privacy!

AULANKO PRIVACY’S stunning and atmospheric location in the wilderness is only 9 kilometres from the city centre of Hämeenlinna, 110 kilometres from Helsinki and 80 kilometres form Tampere. The unique location on the Lake Aulangonjärvi’s shore in complete solitude without any neighbours offers an exceptionally private and close to nature destination for our privacy-, nature- and peace-loving customers. The robust Aulanko’s watchtower on the opposite shore emphasizes Aulanko Privacy’s exceptional location in Aulanko’s national scenery.

Aulanko Privacy is our only destination we rent mainly during summer from the end of April to halfway through October since the destination does not have a regular grid electricity. Aulanko Privacy is not heated upon arrival. Preheating and other preparations can be ordered separately for an extra fee if the customer is not interested in atmospheric experiences such as lighting up the fireplace when arriving.

PLEASE NOTICE that if you are looking for a winter destination with a true wilderness experience, we will plow the road in winter and preheat Aulanko Privacy for an extra fee. While Aulanko Privacy does not have all modern comforts, it has been renovated with the maximum ease of stay in mind. Lighting and TV works with natural solar power and the stove and oven use gas. Heating is arranged with Aulanko Privacy’s gorgeous open fireplace and an atmospheric masonry heater. Extra heating can be arranged with a separate gas heater if needed.

Please notice that the 1,5-kilometre forest road leading to Aulanko Privacy is not suitable for cars with a low ride height. Naturally you can still easily reach the destination with a ground clearance of any ordinary car.

THE THOROUGHLY RENOVATED 70 mfacilities include a dining and meeting area for up to 12 persons, 2 bedrooms with a total of 8 bed places. In addition, the open kitchen has 4 extra beds. The main building has also a 5-person wood-heated sauna, a changing room and a composting toilet. Aulanko Privacy’s furnished terrace offers a living area for 10 persons presenting a view over Lake Aulangonjärvi. The 25 mterrace in front of the building in turn offers a sunny spot for 15 persons to dine and socialize. In addition, there is a open fireplace for grilling wilderness delicacies.

OPEN KITCHEN: The completely renovated open kitchen has space for 12 persons by the atmospheric long table. The room can also be used as a bedroom thanks to the corner couch at the end of the room. The open kitchen’s TV works with solar power and can be connected to a PC with a HDMI cable. The open kitchen has direct access to the terrace and the lakeside with a second terrace, a table group, a hot tub and a lean-to. Brick-made fireplace is located in the end of open terrace. There is also a conventional coal-heated grill available.

ACCOMMODATION: Aulanko Privacy’s three small bedrooms have a total of 7 bed places. Two beds are 120 cm wide, so if they sleep 2 people, the total amount of beds in the bedrooms is 9. Blankets and pillows are included for the same amount as number of beds.

In addition, there are 4 spare beds in the kitchen sofas. The lean-to in the shore area of the beach is also able to sleep between 3 and 4 people. The bottom of the lean-to is cushioned and insulated with thick, thick plastic foam, so the sleeping bag can do well.

KITCHEN: The kitchen equipment includes normal cooking equipment and tableware for 12 persons at maximum, a gas stove and a gas fridge (60 litres). In addition, there is an old times cold room under the kitchen floor which is great for cooling drinks. Please be prepared for a slightly rougher cooking experience and remember to bring your own drinking water. Dishwater can be heated in a pot on the stove or in the sauna’s boiler. If you want to use disposable tableware please use only ones made of cardboard or wood to reduce unnecessary plastic waste.

SAUNA AND TOILET FACILITIES: The sauna and the changing room have space for 5 persons at a time. The sauna stove has a boiler attached for heating water. Water comes from the lake with a hand pump or a bucket. The hand pump also serves as a handy eco-shower! The toilet is an ecological, comfortable and odourless composting toilet which is located right next to the main building.

The hot tub is located on its own small terrace by the lake next to the wharf so you can easily dip in the refreshing and clean lake from the hot tub. The tub is filled with lake water by a generator-driven electric pump, which is ready on site.

BARBEQUE SHELTER AND TERRACES: The main buildings furnished terrace has seats for 10 persons and the open terrace has a table group for 12 persons. There is also a coal-heated grill (we ask you to provide your own coal). The lean-to is located near the terrace making it easy to traverse back and forth.

PRICING: Our price for accommodation and meeting services is tailored for the customer and the final price depends on group size, time frame and length of stay. Here are some pricing examples. We reserve the right to change our pricing.

The price includes the 70 m2facilities including the sauna and firewood.

Additional services offer a hot tub, final clean-up, towels and sheets with the beds made or sheets as a stack, lean-to and hot tub. If needed, we will preheat Aulanko Privacy for an extra fee making the arrival pleasant and effortless. We’ll also gladly offer our catering services.

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