Aulanko Lake Villa

The 152 m 2  Aulanko Lake Villa was completed in late 2017 and is located just 5 meters from
the shore which means you can go swimming, boating, paddling and SUP boarding from the
terrace. As for the winter, you can go for example, cross-country skiing or ice fishing. After
an eventful day there is nothing quite like the sauna. With two saunas, one electric and the

other wood-heated, up to 15 persons can sit in the saunas at the same time. And there is no
need for taking turns if the ladies and gents wish to go separately.
Despite all the modern comforts Aulanko Lake Villa has the feeling of old times Finland
when the lumberjack still roamed the woods. This means no modern furniture, glass
surfaces or white plaster walls. What you will find is an honest and warm atmosphere. The
craftsmanship of the local carpenters is clearly visible in the rough decoration and strong
furniture. View detailed  floor plan.

MAIN HALL: The 45 m 2  and almost 3 meters high dining/meeting room can seat up to 20
persons around the long dining table. The same room can easily be used as a sleeping area
for up to 4 persons thanks to the corner couch. The 4G internet works swiftly and the big
flat screen TVs can also be used as presentation screens. The dining area is connected to the
big terrace with an outdoor sauna as well as hot tub. And of course, all of this is right next to
the lake!

ACCOMMODATION: All together there is a total of 15 bed places in 4 bed rooms and 2
convertible couches in the dining room. With an additional charge a separate cottage made
for accommodation is available for 4 extra bed places. Blankets and pillows are included for
the same amount as number of beds. If needed, the total bed places can be expanded to 20
with extra mattresses.

KITCHEN: Tableware for 20 persons, an electric stove and oven, a big fridge, a freezer, a
dishwasher, a microwave, a Moccamaster, an electric kettle and a toaster.

ELECTRIC SAUNA, SHOWERS AND BATHROOMS: The electric sauna of Aulanko Lake Villa
has space for 8 persons at a time. There are 2 showers in the bathroom and the dressing
room is connected to the terrace for quick cool offs from the sauna. Or you can jump
straight to a warm hot tub if you like. The 3 bathrooms make morning routines easier and
more convenient for bigger groups.

WOOD-HEATED SAUNA: At the other end of the villa is a separate wood-heated sauna with
all modern comforts that has space for 7 persons at a time. The wood-heated sauna also has
access to the terrace.

HOT TUB AND JACUZZI: The wood-heated hot tub is located next to shore and is connected
to the terrace. You can access the hot tub from indoors via the terrace while keeping your
feet clean. A great chance to try ice swimming in the winter!
A Jacuzzi is available in terrace around the year to relax and enjoy the lake landscape.

BARBECUE: In the yard area there is a robust charcoal grill (we kindly ask to bring own
charcoals for it).

FISHING, BOATING AND PADDLING: You can effortlessly go fishing, boating and paddling to
the peaceful lake Aulangonjärvi right from the villa. Who knows, with some luck you might
end up roasting some self-caught fish! And during winter you can go ice fishing, cross-
country skiing and ice skating.

HIKING TRAIL: Near Aulanko Peace area there is an outdoor route where you can take a
small hike during low snow season. A  route map  can be borrowed from the main
building. The magnificent  Sibelius Forest  is also just a few hundred meters away!

PRICING: Our price is tailored for the customer and the final price depends on group size,
time frame and length of stay. Here are only some pricing examples. We reserve the right to
change our pricing.
The price includes the air-conditioned main building with electric sauna. Additional services
offer the use of the hot tub, wood-heated sauna, the accommodation cottage, the final

clean-up, towels and sheets with the bed made or sheets as a stack. The wood-heated
sauna and hot tub prices includes pre-heating only upon special request.
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