Aulangon Luontoliikuntakeskus

We Combine Nature, Activity and Learning
Aulanko Nature Activity Center is different. Its actions are not competitive. Its content
combines nature, activity and learning. The Aulanko Nature Activity Center offers
experiences which have a meaning for the visitor. It gives great memories and strengthens
your nature connectedness. The impact of the content is based on activating one’s own
thinking and reward through understanding. This makes the visitor appreciate what they
have learned.

For Kindergartens, Schools and Learning Institutions
Aulanko Nature Activity Center supports early childhood education and schools by
providing adventurous nature trips. The content of the nature trips is based on the
National Core Curriculum for Basic Education. The methods are functional and exploratory.
The nature trips form a learning path which guides the relationship to nature closer to a
sustainable lifestyle.

For International Groups
The nature activity center provides guided trips in English. The trips are organized in the
forest and by the lake Aulangonjärvi. The idea is to explore the Finnish nature’s treasures.

For Work Communities and Groups
Conference packages, recreation packages and nature activity packages. Aulanko Nature
Activity Center has recreation days for work communities. The Lake Cafe also rents
equipment for outdoor activities.

For Kids
We organize birthdays with nature themes for children. There are four different themes
that you can choose from: Animal’s forest Olympics, Nature mystery, Exploration and
Adventurer’s track.

We organize events and theme days for families according to different seasons. You can
ask us for content for your own event.

The Lake Cafe
Aulanko Nature Activity Center has a Lake Cafe. The Lake Cafe is open during the
weekends and events.

Aulanko Nature Activity Center is rented for private events. Great facilities and wonderful
surroundings provide a great setting for different parties. Also a sauna for use. Good place
for organizing a birthday party, wedding, Christmas party etc. You can also order our
outdoor activity packages for your group.