Hevostoiminta Valkas

Our specialty is guided forest walks with the donkeys. We go out in the forest to walk with friendly donkeys. We enjoy the beautiful Finnish forest scenery and stop for a picnic lunch in the middle of the way. You have a guide with you all the way who also tells you how to handle the donkeys. Everybody can take turns in leading the donkeys. In autumn is also possible to pick berries and mushrooms and let the donkeys carry those back home. Also for groups we offer "Potatoes and longears"- activity days. That means you can visit our potato farm Aromäki in Loppi and get to know our donkeys. You will see how Finnish potato farming works and what are the steps of producing quality potato for the customers (cultivation, storage, handling, packaging). You will also get to know farms mascots, the donkeys. In the summertime you can plant potatoes or pick up our own potatoes from the ground. We can modify the day as you like it from different activities. Miniature donkeys can also visit your own event outdoors and also indoors. They are friendly visitors who loves to socialize with people.