Forssa National Urban Park

Forssa National Urban Park’s history tells of the fast change from the countryside environment into an industrialized centre in a century. In the area one can see the history of a small village settlement from the middle ages through the industrialized community to a modern town. A community with it’s parts was formed around the redbrick industrial buildings: the parks, settlements for the working class, schools, nurseries and other service buildings as well as the villas for the directors - all these form a unique layered town structure. The environmental elements are the River Loimijoki valley and the esker areas.

Forssa National Urban Park was establised on the 30th March, 2015 by the Ministry of the Environment’s decision. The park’s size is about 849 hechtares.

The National Urban Park status is an acknowledgement to the environment used by the inhabitants and visitors. It encourages to develop and continue the town planning and offers recreation and events.