Komio Nature Reserve

Visitors in Komio Nature Reserve have the opportunity to see signs of the ice age and get to know the signature features of the area's ridge covered landscape. The area's diverse nature and landscape offer a wonderful destination for enjoying outdoor recreation and seeing nature. The area is suited as a day-trip destination for both hikers and skiers. When hiking, it is possible to lengthen your trip to last a whole weekend.

Komio Nature Reserve is a part of the nationally valuable and diverse Maakylä-Räyskälä Natura Site. It is a geologically significant area as formations left behind by the last stages of the last Ice Age are still clearly visible in the terrain. Some of these formations are esker valleys, suppa ponds and boulders which were shifted by the ice from their original place. Rugged eskers form a characteristic feature for the gorgeous landscape along with sunny and shadowy slope-side forests, clear watered ponds and vast bogs, all of which offer versatile habitats for the areas diverse and valuable species.

Man has affected the ridge landscape in many ways over the past for several decades. Some of the ways in which it has been altered include; slash-and-burn agriculture, which has been practised there, drainage of the area's mires, clearing and cultivation of fields and felling the forests. As forestry in the area has been so extensive the conservation of the area's eskers and their diverse natural features is especially important. Many restoration measures to speed up the process of the esker forest returning to its natural state are being carried out in the area in the next 50 years.