Folk Park of Saari

The Folk Park of Saari has been a well-known outdoor recreation area for decades. It is valuable for its nature as well as for its cultural history. It draws visitors with its diverse nature and magnificent landscape as well as it services aimed at visitors of all ages. The area is a wonderful day-trip destination especially for families with children. The park's wide, easy to travel trails, which are clearly marked with signposts, resting spots and additional services make your visit pleasant while you get to admire beautiful lake and ridge landscape. The area offers many other activities on top of hiking.

The park is located on Kaukola Ridge on an isthmus between Lakes Pyhäjärvi and Kuivajärvi. The bodies of water from large lakes to small forest ponds bring their own charm to the area. Folk Park of Saari is a very popular swimming destination during summer. The shallow sandy beaches around Lake Kuivajärvi are a favourite of families with children and sunbathers, while the deep, clear shores and piers at Lake Suujärvi are visited by slightly more mature visitors.

The Folk Park of Saari consists of the actual park, which is owned by the municipalities of Forssa and Tammela, and the Pirtti Area, which is owned by a foundation called Lounais-Hämeen Pirtin säätiö. The area continues to the north as a privately owned vast ridge area, which is geologically valuable and protected by law. At its highest point there is a scenic lookout tower, with breathtaking views over lake backs and forests.