Korteniemi Heritage Farm

Visitors to Korteniemi will learn about everyday life at a forest ranger's estate in the 1910s. The area's cultural landscape is maintained at the farm through traditional farming methods.

The grounds, including the buildings, gardens and crops of the former forest ranger estate, have remained almost unchanged for over a hundred years. During summer, life on the estate is very much like it was in the 1910s.

During summer the farm is home to indigenous Finnish farm animals: horse, cows, sheep, chickens and a rooster. Old traditionally Finnish crops are farmed in both the estates gardens and fields by traditional methods. Rye is cut with scythes, dried on racks and threshed with flails in the drying barn.
The purpose of this heritage farm is to preserve the cultural landscape, old buildings and species reliant on cultural heritage, as well as, to preserve folklore.

Today, Korteniemi is the only forest ranger estate maintained by Metsähallitus in Southern Finland, where the buildings and grounds have remained an intact entirety. Metsähallitus commissioned reports on both the history of the estate and the ways land was used in olden times, and on the basis of these reports a care and management plan was drafted in 1997 for the heritage farm.

Visiting Korteniemi Heritage Farm is free-of-charge. Themed tours for groups are available for a fee. We ask that groups inform the farm of their arrival in advance.