Mäntykallion Lomamökit ja Koskealan Tila

Mäntykallio Lomamökit rents holiday cottages in Tammela, Southwest Tavastia. The cottages are situated near Myllyjoki River and Kauhajärvi Lake. The riverside cottages and one of the lakeside cottages are ideal for a small family holiday. The newest cottage, Willa Susanna, has been completed in 2013 and has room for a bigger family.

Myllyjoki River is a great place for canoeing and other water excursions, as Myllyjoki has a connection to Lake Kuivajärvi, from there to Lake Pyhäjärvi and further to River Loimijoki to Forssa.

Th holiday cottage by Lake Kauhajärvi is a place of tranquility in the middle of South Finland´s wilderness.

Make your reservation well in advance so you can use the cottage at the time you like!