Museum of Riihimäki

Historical Museum of Riihimäki (fi. Riihimäen kaupunginmuseo) was founded in 1961. The museum moved to the present premises in 1970. The building is one of the oldest in town, built in 1858 to the house of the railway station master’s family, ticket box and telegraph office. The newly built railway was start for the growth and wellbeing of the village of Riihimäki a hundred and sixty years back. The first railway in Finland was built through Riihimäki to connect the cities of Helsinki and Hämeenlinna in 1857-1862. The second railway connection was even more important, from Riihimäki to the capital of the Russian Empire St. Petersburg, built in 1868-1870. Village around the railway station continued to grow and already by the beginning of the 20th century Riihimäki was the main centre of development in the area