Kiipula Guest House

Kiipula Guest House offers versatile and accessible accommodation at the headquarters of Kiipula Foundation, located in Janakkala, approximately 20 kilometres from Hämeenlinna City. Kiipula Guest House offers comfortable rooms with ensuite bathrooms for 1-3 guests. A few of the guest rooms are also equipped with their own kitchen, which are suitable for families and travellers with pets. Kiipula Guest House accommodates both individual travellers and groups. The room rates include free parking, Wi-Fi and the use of the gym and sauna facilities during their opening hours.

Kiipula offers a variety of exercise opportunities e.g. tennis, 20-hole disc golf course, miniature golf and hiking tracks. During wintertime it is possible to use snowshoes and go cross-country skiing. While visiting Kiipula the guests can enjoy the serenity of the countryside and breathe in the fresh air.

At Kiipula the guests can eat at the Rustholli canteen and visit Miinantori shop and café during their opening hours.

During summertime (June-July) we also offer accommodation at Punaportti Hämeenlinna.