Jokioisten museorautatie

The Jokioinen Museum Railway is a truly unique museum establishment, which combines the living history of the railways and rural idyll with the passion of technology buffs. The Jokioinen Museum Railway gives visitors a chance to learn about Finland's only surviving narrow gauge railway and its rolling stock, not to mention take in Jokioinen's beautiful scenery aboard a steam train. The museum is based out of Minkiö Station, where you'll find a lovely station complex and roundhouse. The Jokioinen Museum Railway café and gift shop are also found at Minkiö. Steam trains run every summer Sunday between Humppila, Minkiö and Jokioinen. The train makes several stops along the way, where passengers can get on or off. On other days of the week, visitors can rent their very own handcar at Minkiö Station or hike over to a nearby grill spot. The handcars and steam trains can also be rented for private functions. Check out the summer schedule and programme of events on the museum website.