Iloranta is an old farmstead which has hosted guests over 80 years - now already in the fourth generation. During the decades the place has changed and developed in order to meet the needs of nowaday clients. We offers full board holidays, conference/education services for businesses, camp schools, and programs based on nature and the history of the house for travellers from all over the world. At Iloranta, you can stay comfortably in the cabins embraced by pines, hazel bushes, and lindens, taking in the gorgeous scenery of the beach hill and Iso-Roinevesi lake, or in Omenatarha´s high-quality rooms where you can enjoy nature sitting at your own terrace or balcony. Iloranta is located on the middle of Finnish countryside and forest, shore of the beautiful clear-water Iso-Roine lake and only one and half hour drive from Helsinki. Iloranta is the oldest full-board offering tourist resort in the countryside, where the guests return year after year. Iloranta ambiance is worth experiencing!