Kultakukkura Villa's

Personalized accommodation with modern comforts by the beautiful Pyhäjärvi lake in Tammela, Southern Finland Come and relax in peaceful environment by the lake in Häme region only one hour drive from Helsinki, Turku and Tampere. Kultakukkura villas together can accommodate up to 38 people. Kultakukkura villas include Cranary Villa, Timber Villa, Stable Sauna Cottage, Sauna Hut and Beach Sauna Cottage. You are warmly welcome to the Kultakukkura!

Natural sites in the area
Kultakukkura villas are located close to the two national parks and one folk park. There are many other great destinations nearby for nature lovers as well.

This hiking area is ideal for families. Here you can find easy trails and nice spots for picnic. For swimmers this area offers many beautiful beaches in good condition.

Liesjärvi is a national park located nearby. It has many trails from easy to more challenging ones and you can spend there for longer hikes too. It's specialties are old pine forests and a traditional Finnish farm called Korteniemi.

This beautiful national park is located only 8 km distance from Kultakukkura. Torronsuo is a swamp area where you can walk around safe and sound by causeway made of wood. Torronsuo is a deepest swamp in Finland, which makes it even more special place to visit.