We are small family company that specializes in wellbeing holidays. For us it is very important that the quests we have enjoy their stay with us. All our trips are tailored to suite you. Also you can pick a ready made program with us if that is what you are looking for. See the readymade packages on our website natureinyou.fi. We offer you relaxing meditations outside in the forest environment. These might include a walk through the forest with donkies or just plain tree hugging. We also use art for relaxation exercises. We have guided drawing experiences and as simplest you can color our coloring book outside and listen to the nature. If you like training our forest is the place to go. In our small forest gym you can train your heart out and enjoy the nature while doing so. Forest training is done with your own body weight, kettlebells, rings and boxes. You will always have an instructor with you to guarantee the right posture and correct technique. Beside the forest gym you can also go SUP-boarding, cycling, kayaking or hiking. Close by there is also a horse farm that offers long rides to the forests. We are digifree resort. You cannot find a TV, computer or playstation from this site. You can browse the internet with our phone but we do not offer more. We believe in keeping it simple. The more you are present in the experience you are having with us the more you will get out of it. If you wish we can also collect your devices when you come and return them when you leave. We love our nature here. So we do our best to preserve it. That is why we only take small groups, use local food products, recycle everything we can, create as little of waste we can, donate part of every trip to charity and use renewable energy as much as possible. You can read more about our sustainability program on our website.