Camping in Häme

Autumn is a wonderful time for camping, when Häme’s nature offers its best. Walking in nature calms the mind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You can get a front row seat to admire the changing of the seasons and enjoy coffee from a soot pot. You can bring your best friend, the whole family, or go out on your own. We present the best camping destinations in Häme right now!

  •  Evo Hiking Area, Hämeenlinna
  •  Liesjärvi National Park, Tammela
  •  Torronsuo National Park, Tammela
  •  Komio Nature Reserve, Loppi
  •  Iso-Melkutin, Loppi
  •  Saaren kansanpuisto, Tammela
  •  Lynx Trail
  •  bonus destination for families with dogs

There are many hiking destinations in Häme for different needs. There are routes from  challenging to accessible. Evo Hiking Area offers a great setting for fishing and several lakes where you can catch fish! In Liesjärvi National Park, you can visit Korteniemi Heritage Farm and enjoy the park’s diverse forests and swamps. Torronsuo National Park presents a rugged, beautiful nature in Finland’s deepest swamp. In winter, Torronsuo has an excellent setting for skiing.

The nature reserve of Komio offers things to see in a wonderful ridge landscape. Poronpolku nature trail runs through Komio in the summer. The clearest water in Southern Finland can be found in the camping areas of Häme: the approximately seven-kilometer route of Iso-Melkutti runs along the shore of a crystal-clear lake. Saaren kansanpuisto is an excellent destination specifically for families with children, with its wide paths and services. The Häme Lynx trail, on the other hand, goes around more than 250 kilometers in southern Häme, offering challenges for even the ones most hungry for camping.

Accessibility services and routes can be found in Evo, Liesjärvi, Torronsuo and Saaren kansanpuisto. But walk responsibly in nature: Always check the valid warnings and leave the area in the same clean condition as it was when you arrived.

Hiking with your dog? In Häme, there is an excellent service especially for families with dogs in the Koirakallion metsä. The area is not free to use, but must be rented from the service provider. It is a fenced area of ​​about one hectare, where you can safely go hiking with your dog. The area can also be rented for the night, so all you have to do is take your hairy friend and go on a trip to Häme!

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